Machining DataSheet for

General Information:
Material GroupK - Cast Iron
Sub-GroupCast Iron
Hardness175.0 HB
Tensile Strength580 [N/mm^2]

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Machining Cast Iron GTS-45-06

GTS-45-06 is a Malleable cast iron material with a Machinability rating of 149% and Hardness 175 HB.

Malleable cast iron is a much tougher (ductile) material, with lower sensitivity to cracking and better impact resistance (compared to grey and nodular cast iron). As a result, it is harder to break the chips (compared to other types of cast iron) and can also be machined with geometry that is suitable for alloy steels

In Cast Iron, the material standards also define the allowed hardness range, and hardness is the top-ranking factor affecting the machinability ratings. For example, nodular cast iron is known to be harder to machine compared with grey cast iron. However, if a grey cast iron alloy has a hardness of 300HB is will have lower machinability than nodular cast iron with 200HB.


  • For general Turning of Cast Iron GTS-45-06 at stable conditions use a grade with a Very Hard substrate and CVD coating.
  • In case you are running at a cutting speed that is lower than 490 SFM (150 m/min), it is better to use a grade with a
  • Very Hard substrate and PVD coating.
  • For general Milling use a grade with a Semi Hard substrate and CVD coating.
  • For detailed carbide grades recommendations, check the Below Chart, or use the Grades Wizrad.
  • Recommended Cutting speed range for turning at stable conditions is 950 - 1300 [SFM] / 290 - 395 [m/min].
  • Consider using CBN inserts. Although they cost more than twice, they enable increasing the cutting speed by 2-4 times (relative to carbide). Learn More ⇒
  • Recommended Cutting speed range for milling with stable clamping and short overhang is 640 - 870 [SFM] / 195 - 265 [m/min]
  • For detailed cutting speed recomendations, check the Below Table, or use our Speed and Feed Calculator.

  • Equivalent International Designations for Cast Iron GTS-45-06

    Standard Name

    Chemical Composition for Cast Iron GTS-45-06

    Sorry, Not Availble for this Material

    Cutting Speeds Recomendations for Cast Iron GTS-45-06

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    ApplicationVc (m/min)Vc (SFM)

    Important! The speed estimation is given for an ideal situation:

    • Most suitable carbide grade
    • Stable tool clamping
    • Stable workpiece clamping
    • Good quality raw material
    • A short overhang of the cutting tool.
    • Nominal hardness of the material.
    • etc.
    Click on the speeds in the above table to get better precision for specific parameters
    Or use our Speed and Feed Calculator

    Recommended Carbide Grades for Cast Iron GTS-45-06

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    Grade for Turning

    Grade for Milling (Indexable)

    Grade for Parting Off