SpeeDoctor: Speed & Feed Calculator (Milling, Turning, Drilling & grooving)

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The SpeeDoctor Our “Smart” Feed and Speeds wizard will recommend the best cutting speed, feed rate, and carbide grades for Milling, Turning, Drilling and Grooving (based on more than 50 parameters)

How to use the SpeeDoctor (speed and feed calculator)


SFC Navigation Ruller
  • On the top of the Speeds and Feeds Calculator, you will find the “Navigation Pane”.
  • You can use it to Jump directly between the different pages of the calculator.
  • Near many of the fields(Where it is needed), there is a “Help Icon”. If you click it, a help box for that specific field will pop up.
  • Fields with a Light Yellow Background are calculated result fields that you cannot edit.

Initial Screen (Page 1)

Make sure to choose the correct Unit, Application, and Material Group on the initial page since the following pages of the Speed and Feed calculator will depend on these choices!

SFC Initial
  • For grooving application – Choose grooving for shallow grooving and parting for deep grooving.
  • If you are looking for threading cutting conditions, please use the Thread Calculator.
  • What to Get: If you need only the cutting speed, select “Speeds Only”, and you will be asked to enter fewer parameters.
  • Mode – Advanced / Simple: In simple mode, you need to enter fewer parameters, and the calculator will rely on the system defaults. In advanced mode, you can control all the parameters and get more accurate Feeds and Speeds. On Mobile devices, the Simple mode is automatically activated.
  • Units: Selecting Inch will display speeds in SFM and feeds in IPR.

Raw material selection (Page 2)

The raw material is a primary factor in cutting speed calculations. Precise raw material selection will enhance the accuracy of the results. Give it proper attention!

Speeds and Feeds Calculator - Select Material by specific alloy
  • Always start with Trying to find your material in the list of the “By specific Material” option. (For example Steel 4140)
  • If you don’t find the exact material, but you find it near equivalent, choose it.
  • If you cannot find a near alternative, switch to the “By material Groupoption.
Speeds and Feeds Calculator - Select Material by material group
  • Choose the correct