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Find All The Grades that meet the criteria according to each brand’s catalog data.

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What is the Grades Finder?

The Grades Finder is an Online Tool that lists all carbide grades that match a search criteria.

How does it work?

Most of the Carbide Suppliers, classify their carbide grades according to common parameters. The Grades Finder, lets you define search criteria based on these parameters and fetches from the database all the relevant grades. It is a very good tool if you have a deep understanding of carbide grades and how they are defined. If you don’t, it is recommended to use the “Grades Wizard”.

Understanding the input parameters

We use the same sets of parameters that are commonly used by the major suppliers to classify their grades in the catalogs

  • Material: Most modern grades are targeting a specific material group. Choose the material group of your work-piece.
  • Application: Most modern grades are targeting a specific Application. Choose the application you need the grade for.
  • Hardness Range: The Carbide suppliers classify their grades according to the hardness of the substrate. They don’t provide the real hardness; instead, they classify it on a scale between 05 and 45.
    • 05 Means a very hard substrate suitable for stable applications on around and smooth workpiece
    • 45 means a very tough substrate suitable for heavy interrupted cuts and/or unstable conditions.
  • Choose the range on the slider that describes your application.
  • Coating: Choose the coating technology that you think is better for your application. Not sure? Learn more about coating
  • Fist Choice: Most suppliers divide the grades for each material as “Main Grades” and “Suplamentry Grades”. By default, the Grades Finder will list only grades that are defined as “Main Grades” by the supplier.

The output

  • All the grades in the database that meets the criteria are listed. You can click on each grade‘s name to go to the Grades Info Page. The page includes full information on the grades, including Cutting speeds equivalent grades from other brands.
  • You can click on the Brand Names and go to the Brand’s Grade Page that lists all the brand’s grades on a clear chart.

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