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Why should you advertise on the Machining Doctor?

  • Our targeting capabilities are unparalleled and highly specific. For instance, we can customize ads based on the user’s browsing activity, such as milling steel, milling aluminum, or turning titanium (And many more unique options). This level of granularity is not available elsewhere!
  • Very high engagement rate.
  • 90% of our audience is related to the machining industry.
  • We charge by CPM; you pay only if your ad is viewed.
  • Detailed statistics on your ads performance.
  • We will study your needs deeply and offer the most suitable targeting for your campaign needs accordingly.

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Hey, Erez here, the marketing manager of the machining doctor. I worked for 30 years in the machining industry. I understand your needs and can match your campaign precisely with the abilities of the Machining Doctor. Contact me, and let’s work together to accomplish your objectives!

Fill out the form below, and I will return to you asap.

Advertising Campaign Request Form

To run a campaign with us, we require a minimum budget of 1,000 USD. If your budget is lower, you can do it via our Ads Provider (Ezoic). However, please note that you won’t receive my personal support, and the targeting options are not as detailed.

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