Eric Spencer2

Since graduating from Mechanical Engineering studies more than two decades ago, I have continuously worked in the machining industry. During This long and extensive period, I had the chance to work in several exciting positions and gain experience in different industry aspects. I worked as a support engineer on a large manufacturing facility’s production floor with dozens of modern five-axis milling centers, CNC lathe machines, grinders, and other peripheral equipment. My main task was developing the entire production process of new products coming to production. Later I spent several years in a Swiss-Type facility producing high-precision miniature parts in mass-production. Besides the technical challenges, I have also been involved in purchasing raw materials and cutting tools. I have also worked several years as a technical specialist for one of the leading cutting tools suppliers, helping customers choose the best tools, grades, and cutting conditions to achieve their goals. Besides my passion for mechanics, I am also a computer and internet addict.

Many times in life, something terrible can also be an opening for something good. In 2020, like many others, the Corvid-19 pandemic “forced” me to have too much free time. It was then that I decided to link together all my skills and develop the website. The goal is to provide quality technical information for professionals in the machining industry without the bias and exaggeration typical of the big commercial companies in the niche that provide such information only to get you to buy their products.

I hope that this website can help you out with your daily work tasks. I am continuously working on expanding and improving it. Feel free to contact me with new tools and data you would find useful to add and any errors you find.

I promise that the site will always remain 100% free of charge!


Email: eric spencer email

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