Machining Doctor Chatbot

Our unique AI chatbot was trained exclusively on the Machining Doctor’s extensive content, along with additional handpicked, high-quality machining resources, to ensure the highest quality responses!

What is the Machining Doctor ChatBot?

If you ask ChatGPT a technical question about machining, you have no idea which resources he is basing his answer on, and therefore, you are unsure if you can trust it.
To solve this, we created the Machining Doctor Chatbot. It is based on the GPT 3.5 model, trained exclusively on the information from our website, and complimented by handpicked resources from other highly reputable sources. Therefore, its answers are much more reliable.

What is the ChatBot good at (With sample prompts)?

Questions that require verbal reply:


  • What is the spindle speed for a 50 mm cutter at 100 m/min?
  • How much SFM is 300 m/min?

Thread Data:

  • What is the pitch diameter of UNC 1/2-13?
  • What is the tap drill size for M12?

Cutting Speeds recommendations:

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