Feedrate (Turning)

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What is Feedrate?

In Non-Rotating applications (Turning, Grooving, etc), Feedrate is the velocity at which the cutter advances against the workpiece. It is expressed in units of distance per revolution (Inch Per Revolution [IPR] or [mm/Rev]).

Think About the Force

The force exerted on the cutting edge (And on the workpiece) is proportional to the Feedrate. Therefore the main concern is to match the feedrate with the strength of the cutting edge (Geometry and Grade), and the stability of the workpiece (Clamping, thin walls, etc.)

What should we factor-in to determine the right feedrate?

Units and Calculations

  • In turning, the feedrate is expressed by the distance that the cutting tool is traveling over one full rotation of the workpiece.
  • Imperial: Inche per Revolution [IPR]
  • Metric: Milimiter per Revolution [mm/rev]

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