Sumitomo Carbide Grades Charts

Sumitomo Turning Grades Chart

Sumitomo Milling (Indexable) Grades Chart

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Sumitomo Parting Off Grades Chart

Sumitomo Grooving Grades Chart

How to understand and make the most out of our Grade Tables

  • We use the PMK convention that is used in most of the cutting tool catalogs. (Example P05-15, K25-40, etc.). If you are not familiar with it, please read our Detailed Explanation.
  • We divide the grades into several "Grade Statuses":
    • Active Main Grades - These are the primary grades of each brand.
    • Active complimentary Grades - These are additional possibilities, either older or used for specific situations.
    • You can use the filter above the table to view both or one of them.
    • In addition, we list on the bottom of the page additional older and non-active grades.

Sumitomo Older Non-Active Grades

A list of additional older grades that are no longer in the Catalog, or had been replaced with modern generation grades.

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