Built-Up Edge (Bue)

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What Is Buit-Up Edge?

Buit-up edge wear type

Built-Up Edge (Nicknamed BUE) is a wear mechanism that can occur on both milling and turning operations. It is caused by the welding of chips to the insert body. It can occur when machining any raw material but is more common when machining gummy materials, such as low-carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel, and aluminum. It appears when the temperature in the cutting zone is too low, and therefore is associated with low cutting speeds.

The failure due to the Built-Up edge usually happens when the welded chip breaks and, as a result, tears with it a small amount of carbide, creating a pit on the cutting edge.

How to avoid Buit-Up Edge?

  • In most cases, increasing the cutting speed (To increase the temperature) will delay the forming of the BUE.
  • Use a sharp, cutting edge.
  • Use a polished or post-treated insert.
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