Feed Per Tooth [Fz]

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What is Feed per tooth ?

Feed Per Tooth Sketch

Feed per tooth is a term in milling, designated by Fz, and measured by mm or Inches. It indicates the chip thickness that each tooth of the milling cutter removes from the material as it passes through it. The milling cutter suppliers provide a recommended chip load. The CNC machine needs to get the Table Feed from the CNC program. The Feed per Tooth is an auxiliary value used in the calculation chain to get the Table Feed from the chip load. You can Learn More Here about this calculation.

Feed Per Tooth Calculator

Inch Units

Metric Units

How to Calculate the Feed per Tooth ?

  • Option 1: Divide the linear distance traveled by a milling cutter during one full spindle rotation (Feed per Revolution) by the number of cutter’s teeth.
  • Option 2: Multiply the recommended Chip Load by the Chip Thinning Factor. (For 90° cutters machining at a radial depth of cut larger than the cutter’s radius (Ae>=r ), the Feed per Tooth equals the Chip Load.

Feed Per Tooth Formulas

\( \large \unicode{86}_f= \frac{F}{n}\)
\( \large F_z= \frac{F_n}{Z}\)
\( \large F_z=\frac{\unicode{86}_f}{n \times Z} \)
Vf- Table Feed [mm/min or Inch/min]
Fn- Feed per revolution [mm/rev or Inch/rev]
Fz- Feed per Tooth [mm/tooth or Inch/tooth]
n- Spindle Speed [RPM]
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