Feed Per Revolution (Milling and Drilling)

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What is Feed per Revolution ?

Feed per Revolution (Usually designated by Fn) is the linear distance that the cutting edge travels during a single spindle rotation. In Milling and Drilling, it is a single rotation of the cutting tool. In Turning, Grooving, and Parting it a single rotation of the workpiece.

Feed per revolution in Milling

Feed Per Tooth Sketch

It is calculated in two ways:

It is an auxiliary parameter that is used to calculate the table feed, based on the cutter’s chip load and the Feed per Tooth.

Feed Per Revolution Milling Formula

  • Vf – Table Feed [mm/min or Inch/min]
  • Fn – Feed per revolution [mm/rev or Inch/rev]
  • Fz – Feed per Tooth [mm/tooth or Inch/tooth]
  • n – Spindle Speed [RPM]
  • z – Number of teeth (flutes)
\( \large F_n= \huge \frac{ \unicode{86}_f}{n}\)
\( \large F_n= F_z \times z\)

Feed per revolution in Drilling

Drill Sktech Penetration Rate

It is calculated by:

It is used to calculate the Penetration Rate.

Feed Per Revolution Drilling Formula

  • Vf – Penetration Rate [mm/min or Inch/min]
  • n – Spindle Speed [RPM]
  • Fn – Feed per revolution [mm/rev or Inch/rev]
\( \large F_n= \huge \frac { \unicode{86}_f}{n}\)

Feed per revolution in Turning

Turning Speed sketch

In Rotating application (Turning, Grooving, and Parting), the Feed per Revolution is provided directly without calculation)

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