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M5 X 0.5 – Basic Data

Major Diameter0.2476.25
Pitch Diameter
Minor Diameter
Lead Angle
Tap Drill Size
Thread FamilyMetric Coarse Pitch
Relevant Standards ISO 965/2, ISO 968-1
60 degThreads - Basic dimentions

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M6X0.75 Possible Thread Classes

External Threads

Choose tolerance class: 4g, 4h, 6e, 5h8e

Metric ISO External Thread - Tolerance sketch

External Threads

Choose tolerance class: 5H, 8E

Metric ISO Internal Thread - Tolerance sketch

M6X075 5h8e (External) Tolerances

#DescriptionValue (mm)Value (Inch)
d2Pitch Diameter6.125 – 6.-1350.2547 – 0.2689
PPitch1.25 – 1.270.2354 – 0.6587
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