Machining DataSheet for

General Information:
Material GroupM - Stainless Steel
Sub-GroupAustenitic Stainless Steel
Tensile Strength490-690 [N/mm^2]

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Machining Stainless Steel 317

Stainless Steel 317 is an austenitic stainless steel alloy with 19% chromium and 13% nickel.

It is a chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless with low carbon (0%) content. The low carbon content combined with high chromium/nickel/molybdenum amount results in soft material with high resistance to machining and a low machinability rating of 38%.

The main challenge in machining austenitic stainless is the low carbon content combined with high chromium/nickel content. The result is a soft material with high resistance to machining. Because of the high ductility, you should generally opt for a sharp and positive cutting edge. In turning operations, one of the most common reasons for short tool-life is notch wear forming at the depth of the cut line, which results in a large burr forming on the workpiece. The best method to prevent notch wear is to change the depth of the cut constantly.


  • For general Turning of Stainless Steel 317 at stable conditions use a grade with a Semi Hard substrate and CVD coating.
  • In case you are running at a cutting speed that is lower than 390 SFM (120 m/min), it is better to use a grade with a
  • Semi Hard substrate and PVD coating.
  • For general Milling use a grade with a Semi Hard substrate and PVD coating.
  • For detailed carbide grades recommendations, check the Below Chart, or use the Grades Wizrad.
  • Recommended Cutting speed range for turning at stable conditions is 460 - 620 [SFM] / 140 - 190 [m/min].
  • Recommended Cutting speed range for milling with stable clamping and short overhang is 300 - 390 [SFM] / 90 - 120 [m/min]
  • For detailed cutting speed recomendations, check the Below Table, or use our Speed and Feed Calculator.

  • Equivalent International Designations for Stainless Steel 317

    Standard Name

    Chemical Composition for Stainless Steel 317

    Element Amount
    Chromium (Cr)19%
    Nickel (Ni)13%
    Molybdenum (Mo)3.50%
    Silicon (Si)1.00%
    Manganese (Mn)1.00%
    Carbon (C)0.02%
    Phosphorus (P)0.02%
    Sulfur (S)0.02%

    Cutting Speeds Recomendations for Stainless Steel 317

    * Click on the speeds below for higher precision in specific conditions!

    ApplicationVc (m/min)Vc (SFM)

    Important! The speed estimation is given for an ideal situation:

    • Most suitable carbide grade
    • Stable tool clamping
    • Stable workpiece clamping
    • Good quality raw material
    • A short overhang of the cutting tool.
    • Nominal hardness of the material.
    • etc.
    Click on the speeds in the above table to get better precision for specific parameters
    Or use our Speed and Feed Calculator

    Recommended Carbide Grades for Stainless Steel 317

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    Grade for Turning

    Grade for Milling (Indexable)

    Grade for Parting Off