General Information:
Grade StatusOld Version
Substrate ClassSemi Hard
Coat TypeCVD
Post TreatY


KCM15 is an older generation grade that is no longer recomended by Kennametal
The recomended modern alternative is :KCM15B
The data below is the data for KCM15B However, It should be fairly accurate also for KCM15

From Kennametal's website:

Composition: A multilayer MTCVD TiCN-Al2O3 coated carbide grade. Application: An excellent fi nishing to medium machining grade for austenitic stainless steels at higher speeds and covers a broad range of steel applications in the P20–P25 range. KCM15B grade in combination with unique geometries have been designed to resist depth-of-cut notching and minimise bur formation. The post-coat treatment reduces coating stresses, improves coating adhesion, minimises microchipping and edge build-up, and improves workpiece fi nish.

Application Range for KCM15B (KCM15)

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Equivalent Grades for KCM15B (KCM15)

The most compatible grade from each brand!

A higher score (Up to 100%) means the grades are more compatible. A lower score or a particular grade not listed does not mean it is not a good grade. It means that its physical and mechanical properties are less close to KCM15B

Cutting Speed recommendations for KCM15B (KCM15)

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