What is G04?

The G04 command instructs the machine to Dwell (Do nothing) for a period given in milliseconds. It is commonly used at the end of a cutting operation to ensure that the cutter machined the “last bits” of material and to eliminate any tooling marks.


G04 P1000;
  • P – Period in Miliseconds

What it does:

The machine stops (Dwells) for the given period before the next command in the program will be executed. In the above example, the machine will wait for 1 second.

Typical cases for use:

  • Allowing chips to break. Mainly used on drilling and parting-off operations.
  • Eliminating tooling marks at the end of a movement.
  • Enabling the cutter to release deflection caused by the cutting force.
  • Ensuring the machine is positioned more accurately before starting a critical movement.
  • Waiting for M-codes to take full effect. (For example, waiting for the pump to reach full flow and pressure after turning on coolant)

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